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Stuller Inc. Showcases MatrixGold to Refine Custom Jewelry Design September 07, 2023 (0 comments)


Lafayette, LA--MatrixGold is a new 3D CAD software redefining how custom jewelry is designed. From students new to jewelry design to seasoned professionals, MatrixGold caters to all, offering a streamlined process and comprehensive tools for a seamless design experience.

[Image via Stuller]

According to Stuller Inc., MatrixGold offers several features that make the design process efficient and innovative:

For newcomers, the software is priced at $5,995. However, for those who are already acquainted with Matrix or RhinoGold, a transition price of $2,995 is available. 

Interest-free financing options extending up to 12 months are provided for U.S. clients who meet the criteria. Clients outside the U.S. can liaise with their regional dealers to discuss financial alternatives.

MatrixGold also extends a 15-minute video demo for those aiming to master the art of customization.

Learn more in the entire post published on the Stuller website.

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