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Suspect Apprehended After Attempted Heist at Roosevelt Field’s Macy’s August 29, 2023 (0 comments)


Charleston, S.C.--25-year-old Hempstead resident Joshua Wilson targeted the jewelry counter at the Roosevelt Field Macy's in East Garden City over the weekend.

[Image via Google Maps]

A news report published in Patch states that Wilson was armed with a baseball bat and stormed into the store on Saturday afternoon.

Shattering display cases with swift swings of his bat, he tried to seize jewelry pieces with an estimated value surpassing $370,000. The chaos led three store employees to seek safe cover hurriedly.

The perpetrator's escape was short-lived. Per the report, Wilson was spotted dashing down Ring Road nearly three-quarters of an hour post-incident. Responding officers apprehended him on Clinton Avenue, managing a peaceful arrest.

In addition to first-degree attempted robbery and related charges, Wilson had an outstanding warrant for a prior robbery probation violation. An arraignment awaited him the following Sunday.

Read the original report in Patch.

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