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Swarovski to Unveil ‘Masters of Light’ Exhibition in Shanghai September 02, 2023 (0 comments)


Shanghai, China--Celebrating nearly 130 years of illuminating the fashion, jewelry, and pop culture realms, Swarovski is set to stage an influential brand exhibition in Shanghai from 20 September to 9 October.

[Image via GJPEC]

According to a report in GJEPC, the exhibit, named "Swarovski - Masters of Light from Vienna to Shanghai," is designed to shine a spotlight on the brand's artistry, expertise, and transformative influence from its inception in Austria at the close of the 19th century to contemporary times.

The report noted that synchronized with the advent of haute couture in 1895, Swarovski, under the aegis of founder Daniel Swarovski, forged influential ties in Paris, introducing avant-garde cuts, colors, and inspirations to early couturiers. In this collaborative ecosystem, the multifaceted Swarovski crystals emerged as a dynamic element, gracing catwalks and evolving into iconic fashion and couture jewelry staples.

This Shanghai spectacle is primed to dazzle with a never-before-seen showcase of stage outfits and glamorous red-carpet attires, many sourced from the treasured Swarovski Heritage Collection. These will be displayed with over a century of haute couture masterpieces.

The report added that the exhibit will introduce visitors to Swarovski's pioneering strides in crystal innovation – with a portfolio exceeding 300,000 crystal shades, cuts, and designs – and its ambitious future trajectory, punctuated by jewelry pieces crafted using Swarovski Created Diamonds.

Learn more in the entire GJEPC report.

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