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Tara To Display Royal Natural Melo Melo Pearl At Centurion Show January 11, 2022 (0 comments)


New York, NY--TARA, the high-end pearl and pearl jewelry brand, will unveil its most significant acquisition of all time, a royal natural Melo Melo pearl (image), at the upcoming Centurion Jewelry show, Jan. 30–Feb. 1, 2022 in Phoenix, AZ. 

The pearl, 29 mm in size and weighing 183.22 carats with a retail price of $1 million, will be on display at The Centurion Jewelry Show, salon F-102.

GIA examined the pearl, calling it noteworthy “because it is extremely rare to encounter a natural pearl of such size and round form whilst also exhibiting a defined ‘flame’ pattern on its porcelaneous surface.” Further, GIA found its “coloration resulted directly from the host mollusk and not as a result of any treatments.”

While many Melo pearls examined by GIA are smaller and have surface imperfections and cracks, this one is “relatively free of blemishes and has no signs of any surface alterations.” GIA also said the pearl is one of the largest tested by GIA and one that “any pearl connoisseur would truly prize.”

Melo Melo natural pearls are from the Melo gastropod genus of sea snails found in the waters surrounding Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, the Philippines, and even northeastern Australia. Sonny Sethi, CEO of TARA, sourced this incredible natural beauty several years ago and is now ready to debut it to the jewelry world. “Finding this pearl was like winning the mega millions [lottery],” he said. “This is the most expensive, single pearl we ever acquired in our career.”

To view the pearl in person at Centurion, email or

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