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Taylor Custom Rings Introduces Charlotte Necklace with Sustainable Gemstones February 02, 2024 (1 comment)


San Diego, CA--Taylor Custom Rings has unveiled the Charlotte Necklace, featuring a 1.8-carat. lab-created peachy-pink sapphire surrounded by a .21-carat halo of lab-grown diamonds. The chain is available in 14K gold (rose, yellow, white) or platinum and offers adjustable lengths of 16 or 18 inches.

[Image by Taylor Custom Rings via PRWeb]

The founders, Ashley and Jerry Taylor designed this necklace to align with the increasing consumer demand for ethically sourced jewelry.

"The Charlotte Necklace is among our most delicate, regal designs that is a timeless selection for anyone's jewelry collection," said Ashley in a news release. "We anticipate it being amongst our best-selling pendants for Valentine's Day and special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. It's a truly breathtaking piece!"

Taylor Custom Rings focuses on sustainable luxury, using lab-grown diamonds, created gemstones, and recycled metals. This approach caters to consumers seeking eco-friendly jewelry alternatives, particularly for engagements and weddings. These lab-created stones are graded for cut, clarity, and color, offering a cost-effective alternative to mined diamonds.

After eight years of online retail, the company opened a physical store in Carlsbad, CA, providing in-person consultations and customization services to match various styles and budgets.

The Charlotte Necklace is priced at $2,875 and is available online or at the Carlsbad showroom at 7740 El Camino Real, Suite C.

Learn more in this news release on PRWeb.

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Comments (1):

Hi Anthony / Howard, I am wondering how this company backed/backs up their claims about their stones being “sustainable” and whether you have asked for proof before printing? It one thing to say you are doing the right thing but an other to explain how you are doing it…

By Brandee Dallow on Feb 13th, 2024 at 3:18pm

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