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The 2023 COUTURE Design Awards Winners June 06, 2023 (0 comments)


Las Vegas, NV,--In addition to revealing a stunning selection of best in show pieces, the 2023 Design Awards was demonstrative of the strong sense of community that characterizes COUTURE according to a CIOUTURE release, which also stated "The genuine love and appreciation COUTURE designers have for one another was evident throughout the celebration at the Encore Theater, with winners thanking other designers from the stage and expressing their gratitude to be a part of such a supportive community. With a strong showing of French brands taking home awards, and many first time exhibitors named as finalists and winners, the showcase of winning pieces are illustrative of the curation of exceptional global design that makes COUTURE so distinctive."

PERUFFO (shown top) received four nominations and two wins for “Best Debut Brand” and “People’s Choice” at the Couture show, for this one-of-a-kind 18K gold and blue agate stud collar necklace.

Winner Photos Shown Below

Opening the show was COUTURE’s Director, Gannon Brousseau, “I just love that I get to be a part of celebrating you, your creativity, your talent, your passion and enthusiasm, and all of the hard work you put into getting to COUTURE each year. This is your night; we are here to celebrate you!”

“I’m so happy this award is so heavy, I feel like I’m going to fly to the roof,” noted three-time COUTURE Design Award Winner, Tara Maria Famiglietti of ONDYN, who won the award for Best in the Diamonds Under $40,000 Retail category. “I just want to say I am so proud and honored to be a part of this family. We’re so different from the fashion industry where everyone snubs each other. We support each other and it’s so beautiful. Thank you for showing us the love.”

A celebration of family was a recurring theme throughout the evening. Sorellina designer, Kim Cosella, who took home the award for Best in Platinum, thanked her team from the stage and then went on to say, “Nothing would be possible without my beautiful, fierce, brilliant sister Kim. You are a force, you are our captain, I love you so much.” First time exhibitor, Alix Dumas, who won the award for Best in Haute Couture enthused, “Thank you so much, it’s amazing. I’ve put so much work in at the bench to make this piece, I’m very touched to see that it’s being awarded. Thank you to all the COUTURE team, especially to my family. Thank you to my husband who makes it possible every day. Thank you.”

Cindy Edelstein Award

The evening wrapped with the presentation of this year’s Cindy Edelstein Award, which was given to John Green of Lux Bond and Green, who was honored for his unabated enthusiasm, his continual support and mentorship of designers and his dedication to the industry. Visibly moved by the acknowledgment, John said, “There’s a lot of people here I don’t know but I promise you, I love all of you. I love this industry. I’ve been very blessed, I’m the fourth generation in our family business, we’re 125 years old this year, we’re a family business, fifth generation, my son Charlie is sitting up there, we’re gonna be here for a long time, but it’s really about this community, this jewelry community is so special. We all have friends that are in this industry or that industry, but then when you tell them the things we’ve all done together at COUTURE to help each other and support each other, it’s really amazing.”

Winners By Category

Best in Gold:

1st Place: Viltier

2nd Place: CADAR

3rd Place: IsabelleFa


Best in Colored Gems Above $40,000 Retail:

1st Place: Aletto Brothers

2nd Place: Tangarart @ JULLS



Best in Colored Gems Under $40,000 Retail:

1st Place: Kamyen

2nd Place: Cicada

3rd Place: Sylva & Cie.


Best in Bridal:

1st Place: Retrouvaí @ For Future Reference

2nd Place: Bea Bongiasca @ MUSE

3rd Place: Phillips House


Best in Diamonds Below $40,000 Retail:

1st Place: ONDYN

2nd Place: Eva Fehren

3rd Place: 64Facets


Best in Diamonds Above $40,000:

1st Place: ETHO MARIA

2nd Place: Busatti 1947

3rd Place: MATTIOLI


Best in Haute Couture:

1st Place: Maison Alix Dumas

2nd Place: Messika

3rd Place: Victor Velyan


Best in Pearls:

1st Place: Persée Paris

2nd Place: NOMIS

3rd Place: Amrapali London


Best in Platinum:

1st Place: Sorellina

2nd Place: Henrich & Denzel GmbH

3rd Place: TenThousandThings


Best in Below $10,000 Retail:

1st Place: NeverNoT

2nd Place: Stephen Webster

3rd Place: VAN @ MUSE


Best in Innovative:

1st Place: Marie Lichtenberg

2nd Place: Studio Renn

3rd Place: PERUFFO


Best in Debuting:

1st Place: PERUFFO

2nd Place: Maison Alix Dumas

3rd Place: Alexandra Rosier


Best in Editors’ Choice

1st Place: Ten Thousand Things

2nd Place: Gismondi1754

3rd Place: PERUFFO


Best in People’s Choice:

1st Place: PERUFFO

2nd Place: Vendorafa

3rd Place: David Oscarson

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