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The Advantages of Side-by-Side Jewelry Cases |  December 09, 2021 (0 comments)


West Bloomfield, MI--When I start new interior design projects many of my clients ask what jewelry cases give a selling advantage and save space. This is a big decision for jewelry store owners, and I often recommend side-by-side jewelry case design, since it gives many advantages.

Side-by-side jewelry cases allow the salesperson and customers to interact more comfortably and casually, compared with the traditional behind-the-counter selling method. The biggest difference between traditional jewelry cases and side-by-side case designs is selling behind the jewelry cases, which creates a barrier between the client and the jeweler. Side-by-side cases allow both parties to establish trust and agreement with a mutual goal to buy jewelry. See the picture below from Kelley Jewelers, Weatherford, OK, of the side-by-side jewelry case layout I designed.

The use of side-by-side jewelry cases can create trust within your customers, which can lead to more sales. See the picture of Buchkosky Jewelers, Roseville, WI of the side-by-side jewelry case layout I designed that provided the advantage of increased openness because the buyer and seller stand close to each other.


Another advantage to side-by-side cases is they can save you space in your store. I like to use both styles in the store. Using side-by-side cases can save your store three additional feet when they are up against the wall. According to the standard American Disability Act (ADA), a traditional jewelry space plan requires three feet behind the case so the staff can stand behind it. See another picture of Buchkosky Jewelers with side-by-side jewelry cases.

About the Author: Leslie McGwire™ has over 35 years in business development, interior design, equipment, furniture sales and marketing services in retail and jewelry-based businesses. Leslie has won over 25 national design awards, including the prestigious Salon Today and INSTORE Jewelry Store ​awards. Leslie has a true passion for business, design for the jewelry and retail industries. Visit for more information.

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