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‘The Art of David Webb: Jewelry and Culture’ Showcases Iconic Designs August 29, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--A visual journey awaits readers as publisher Rizzoli releases "The Art of David Webb: Jewelry and Culture." The photo book celebrates the expansive artistic journey of jewelry designer David Webb, captured in over 120 specially commissioned images by photographer Ilan Rubin.

[Image via book listing on Amazon]

Authored by Ruth Peltason, the book delves deep into the artistic foundations of Webb's designs. Among the showcased pieces, the rainbow-hued Streamer Earrings stand out, representing just a snippet of the artistry enclosed within the book's 256 pages. Various inspirations shaping Webb's creations, from the enameled and diamond Mondrian Bracelet reflecting Piet Mondrian's Broadway Boogie Woogie to the gemstone-enriched dragon brooch inspired by a Scythian animal pommel, are intricately detailed.

David Webb's romance with New York began when he arrived at 17, getting deeply influenced by its vibrant art, architecture, and fashion. Establishing his shop in 1948, Webb envisioned jewelry as ornaments and art worthy of museum placements, a sentiment he echoed in his 1963 article, "Why Not Hang Gems?"

Throughout "The Art of David Webb," the jewelry is juxtaposed with pieces from painters, sculptors, photographers, architects, and couturiers, showcasing Webb's conviction that jewelry resonates at the intersection of art and culture.

The book, boasting dimensions of 10.49 x 1.29 x 12.83 inches, is set to launch next month, with pre-orders already available.

Check out more details about the book on Amazon.

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