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The Centurion Video Series: The Boss’s Tool Kit |  July 26, 2017 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—This week we offer a few tools in the Boss’s Tool Kit. First, a reminder of what you can do in your own store to be a better boss. Next, we look at perfectionism: is yours or an employee’s perfectionism causing an issue? And last but certainly not least, why we practice, for everything from sales pitches and closing techniques. Practice to make it work! We only learn when we repeat. Watch on!

What The Best Bosses Do, With Brian Tracy

A short primer on being the best boss you can be. Click here or on the image below to watch.



The Problem With Perfectionism, From The School of Life

What does perfection demand of you? A realistic guide. Click here or on the image below to watch.


Why We Only Learn When We Repeat, From The School of Life 

Repetition helps you learn – otherwise, when you hear something once, your brain is like a sieve. Click here or on the image below to watch.

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