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The Most Luxurious Diamonds from the 2022 Centurion Jewelry Show March 27, 2022 (0 comments)

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Phoenix, AZ--Natural Diamond Council's (NDC, @OnlyNaturalDiamonds) team member and social media influencer, Grant Mobley (@TheGrantMobley), put together an extensive natural diamond jewelry report with images from the collection floor of the 2022 Centurion Jewelry Show. Herewith, what Mobley and fellow influencers found that was later promoted to a wide NDC consumer audience. (All photos are courtesy of Grant Mobley and NDC, onless otherwise creditred above the image).

Strong Social Media Stats for NDC Effort

According to Mobley, the NDC web article about Natural Diamond Jewelry at Centuriion 2022 had more than 73,000 page views and time spent on the page was 33% higher than average. Posts on TikTok garnered close to 236,000 views and 398 hoiurs of total watched time. On Instagram and Facebook, there were 401,000 views of the Centurion 2022 posts, with the "video competition rate" 6% higher than average. On @thegrantmobley on Instagram, there were 13 posts with 39,000 views total, and for in-feed posts there were 27 posts with 453,000 impressions.

Have you ever wondered how your favorite diamond jewelry retailers—both in-store and online—find the incredible pieces to curate their collections? The answer, in most cases, is trade shows. Trade shows are where jewelry designers, classic and up-and-coming, showcase their new designs for the jewelry community to see. Often invitation-only, these exclusive events are typically reserved for industry insiders. But lucky for you, we’ve got a rare peek at the diamond industry’s finest winter show in North America, The Centurion Jewelry Show.

Read on for a selection of jewelry coming at you direct from the ground of Centurion 2022. 


Because seven stones are better than one. This seven-stone oval diamond engagement ring below is from A.JAFFE. Photo Courtesy of Engagement101.

Vintage diamond engagement rings below by FRED LEIGHTON. Photo courtesy of Grant Mobley

Ashoka cut diamond engagement ring below from KWIAT. Photo Courtesy of Engagement 101.

Double halo radiant cut engagement ring with a hidden pear shape diamond halo below by CHARLES KRYPELL. Photo courtesy of Grant Mobley

Floating bezel-set three stone ring below by GUMUCHIAN. Photo courtesy of Engagement 101.


Italian jeweler ANTONIO PAPINI's diamond and leather bracelets below. Photo courtesy of Grant Mobley

Diamond Leaf ring set in white gold with blue rhodium below by GRAZIELA GEMS. Photo courtesy of Grant Mobley

Diamond corset cuff below by GUMUCHIAN. Photo Courtesy of Third Coast Gems.

Rose gold and diamond convertible leaf earrings below by Kattan. Photo courtesy of Grant Mobley

One-of-a-kind silver and diamond cuff molded from a real leaf below by LIKA BEHAR COLLECTION. Photo Courtesy of Bijoux Review.


An extremely rare collection of fancy color diamond rings below from GEMS OF NOTE. Photo courtesy of Grant Mobley

Expandable diamond cuff below by HULCHI BELLUNI. Photo courtesy of Bijoux Review.

Fancy yellow diamond briolette cut earrings below by JB STAR. Photo courtesy of Grant Mobley

Diamond riviera necklace, featuring 100 carats of graduating ovals below, by JULIUS KLEIN. Photo courtesy of Grant Mobley

Emerald cut diamond lariat necklace, emerald cut eternity band and (not shown) emerald cut three stone engagement ring below by NORMAN SILVERMAN. Photo courtesy of Grant Mobley


Dragon scale gold and diamond eternity band below by BENCHMARK. Photo courtesy of Grant Mobley

“My Move” men’s diamond leather bracelet below by MESSIKA. Photo courtesy of Grant Mobley

Diamond dragonfly brooch below by RAHAMINOV. Photo courtesy of Grant Mobley

Saturn diamond band below by SHIMANSKY. Photo courtesy of Grant Mobley

Natural finish 18 karat yellow gold bracelet and rise-cut diamond ring below by VIVAAN. Photo courtesy of Grant Mobley


Super flexible diamond cuff bracelets below by BREVANI. Photo courtesy of Grant Mobley

Cuban link chains with halo diamond solitaires below by LUCA GEMS-BUSATTI MILANO. Photo courtesy of Grant Mobley

A trio of gold and diamond layering necklaces below from MEIRA T. Photo courtesy of Grant Mobley

Fancy color diamond and rose cut double pendant below by SETHI COUTURE. Photo courtesy of Third Coast Gems.

A selection of diamond cuban link bracelets below by BENY SOFER. Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Heebner.

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