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The Top 4 Jewelry Manufacturers Based on Web Searches By Retail Jewelers March 05, 2024 (0 comments)


Newport Beach, CA--The most popular manufacturers based on clicks from retail jewelers have been revealed based on exclusive data provided by GemFind, the digital marketing and website design company.

Chicago-based William Levine, received 32.5% of clicks from jewelry retailers, making it the most popular jewelry manufacturer, according to the GemFind Data. Eli Jewels with 24.7% of clicks came in second followed by Gem Platinum at 14.9% and S. Kashi & Sons at 5%.

The data is based on clicks by retail jewelers on well over 20 manufacturers’ websites managed by GemFind.

This is the fourth in a series of articles on consumer and trade preferences based on website clicks. The data is provided by GemFind exclusively for Centurion.

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