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Thomasville, GA: Armed Robber Tries To Smash Showcase February 07, 2022 (0 comments)


Thomasville, GA--The white male suspect pictured above looked at merchandise in several showcases in a mall retail jewelry store. There were several customers in the store and the suspect exited.

The suspect returned the next morning at 11:30 a.m. saying he was looking for a gift for his wife. After he agreed to buy a necklace, he took out a weapon from under his coat. The suspect had a sales associate open the register and he took the cash. Next, he used a weapon to try to smash a showcase but could not penetrate the glass.

The suspect then took the showcase keys, opened four showcases, and removed merchandise which he put in a shopping bag.

The suspect is described as having a thin build and wearing a dark trench coat. If you have information, contact JSA at 212-687-0328 or

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