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Tiffany Officially Launches Line Of Men’s Engagement Rings May 02, 2021 (0 comments)


New York, NY—The idea of a man’s engagement ring—sometimes called a “man-gagement” ring—has been hovering for a while (see here) but it hasn’t taken off in a big way. Yet, anyway.

But sometimes where Tiffany goes, the industry follows, and last Friday the jeweler announced the launch of its new men’s engagement ring collection.

With the collection, the jeweler--newly settling into its LVMH ownership--is looking to tap into a new market for its high-end jewelry amid a rise in same-sex marriages globally and gender-fluid fashion trends. The new line is named “The Charles Tiffany Setting” after company founder Charles Lewis Tiffany and features bezel set diamonds up to five carats in either platinum or black titanium.

Last year, women’s engagement rings accounted for slightly more than $1 billion in sales for the jeweler, about 26% of its total jewelry sales. It’s hoping the new line of men’s engagement rings will become a solid stream of revenue growth, says CNBC.

The rings are available online now and will be in select stores next month. 

Meanwhile, for ideas about how to propose to a man, check out YourEngagement101’s “Propose Too” section.

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