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Traditional Wish Lists Move from Paper to Digital With New ‘Wishfluence’ App February 13, 2023 (0 comments)


Bentonville, AR--A new App for a phone or tablet by new company Wishfluence, is turning the traditional paper wish list digital.

“We are seeing jewelers using the new Wishfluence App to make more sales,” say co-founders Andy and Carin Martin. “Wishfluence is easy to use and offers the sales associate a way to track a customer’s interest and communicate easily through the app, resulting in more sales and more leads.”

Prestige retailer Ben Blakeman, Blakeman’s Fine Jewelry adds, “It’s a great way to keep everyone connected with customer needs and future wants. With everything all in one place, there is no more scrambling to find a written note or hopes in remembering what size is needed. The accessibility of the app helps us run smoother and gives customers peace of mind knowing their wish list will always be available.”

Wishfluence uses a three-step process: Brand, Snap, Sell

Wishfluence provides tech integration with their customers, allowing Wishfluence to connect with a store’s tech stack to integrate point-of-sale, messaging and payment processes while and reduces redundancies.

Wishfluence POS and messaging partners include: ARMS, Podium, Captivated, BIG Network, and Cardknox.

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