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‘Camweara’ Introduces Affordable Online ‘Try-On’ Application for Jewelry Industry February 16, 2021 (0 comments)

2021-2-16 Camweara

Hazelhurst, TX--Camweara has introduced augmented reality software that virtually allows the jewelry customer to try on jewelry being sold or shown online in a realistic way at home, in the office, at the bar with friends, in the shop, according to the software developer. 

Camweara is a virtual try-on plugin that can be integrated into any shopping website including Magento, Shopify & WooCommerce. The developer also shared that the technology is "affordable," with plans starting from $80 per month based on number of images being presented.

"Virtual try-on technology is gaining importance in jewelry retail this year and is going to become a hygiene factor in the next 2-3 years," said Vedant B. Hegde, Founder of Modaka Technologies and creator of Camweara. "Successful brands will be the ones that make an early move," he added. "Virtual try-on is like a light in the darkness at the moment for all the jewelry brands which not only transform the shopping experience but remove the fear of pandemic among the customers to try their favorite earrings, rings, pendants, watches & more."

According to the developer, Camweara offers a real-time rendering in Snapchat or Instagram and it's AI-based face beautification filter makes customers look great while trying on jewelry. "It is easy to integrate into an e-commerce website or mobile app," said Hegde. "Jewelers with normal product photographs can integrate into the Camweara system within a couple of days."

Camweara works with both large and small jewelry e-commerce stores, said the developer, who pointed out that jewelers using Camweara have been seeing a 30 percent increase in sales conversions, a 20 percent increase in sales of high ticket products over the past year, and four times the number of add-to-cart actions.

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