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U.K. Jeweler Creates $34K Ring Inspired By Gummy Candy |  March 01, 2021 (0 comments)


London, UK—How many kids (or adults) have playfully proposed marriage with a candy ring, promising to someday swap it out for the real thing? Image: Taylor & Hart's ring.

Now they can. British bespoke jeweler Taylor & Hart has elevated the fantasy with a real ring—and a price tag to match—inspired by a Haribo gummy candy ring. The retailer, which has two brick-and-mortar store locations in London and a robust website, specializes exclusively in ready-made and custom engagement and wedding rings, and ships worldwide.

Haribo, meanwhile, is the German-based candy company that invented fruit-flavored gummy candy 100 years ago and is now globally renowned for its Goldbears brand of gummy bears. In the 1990s, Haribo introduced the gummy ring as part of its Starmix product line.

With a $34,600 price tag, Taylor & Hart’s jewel-encrusted version (top of page) features a 2.70-ct. cabochon yellow sapphire surrounded by 40 fancy-intense yellow diamonds in an 18k yellow gold basket. 224 custom cut rubies, 3.60 ctw, are invisibly set into an 18k rose gold band.

Kate Earlam-Charnley, Taylor & Hart’s design director, says, “Combining custom cut rubies and a syrupy cabochon yellow sapphire, this ring is one of the most ambitious we’ve ever created and definitely one of the most original.

“To make this beauty the ultimate throwback, we’re paying homage to the most luxurious of all gummies: the red and yellow jelly ring. We hope this duo-colour palette brings you back to simpler times. When fun brought love to life and the only thing that could keep you away from your love was having to run home for tea before the street lights came on. Priced at £25,000 (approx. $34,600), we even estimate that you could purchase over 1,250,000 of the 2p jelly sweets for the same value of this ring!”

Haribo's gummy rings

The jeweler is advertising the ring all over the streets of London with this billboard campaign that shows both the Haribo and its own “sweet rings.”

Red and yellow not your flavor? No worries. Taylor & Hart offers bespoke commissions for engagement rings and any other kind of jewelry, whether it’s paying homage to a favorite TV show or reworking a family heirloom into something new. “We welcome requests no matter how out there,” says the jeweler.

Apart from any TV- or candy-inspired rings, Taylor & Hart also offers a robust build-your-own-engagement-ring tool online. Styles range from sleek and modern to ornate and vintage-inspired, all with a signature small ruby placed inside the shank.

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