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Uneek Fine Jewelry Celebrates Its 28th Anniversary February 15, 2024 (0 comments)


Los Angeles, CA--Fine jewelry manufacturer, Uneek, is celebrating its 28th year serving the jewelry industry by launching a video thanking its clients and employees.

Established in 1996, Uneek Fine Jewelry has become the standard in diamond jewelry where traditional jewelry making techniques meet technological advancements resulting in timeless yet fresh bridal, color and fashion collections.

“Every anniversary gives pause and reflection. As we mark the 28-year milestone of our arrival on the jewelry manufacturing scene – we know our success today is the result of several dynamic components: Sharing, caring, diligence and the pursuit of excellence in all we do,” said Benjamin Javaheri, president and CEO of Uneek.

[Benjamin Javaheri, president and CEO of Uneek]

“We recognize the unwavering support of all that support the Uneek brand. From our master metalsmiths that breathe life into our jewels, devoted personnel that keep everything on track, our suppliers who always meet our needs, our fantastic sales reps and retail partners who keep the Faith and - to most importantly - our families whose unwavering support make every milestone meaningful and every achievement grand,” Javaheri continued.

“We celebrate the past and anticipate the future with the same profound sense of care, unwavering diligence, and sharing the quest for perfection in every facet of our work.”  

See video below. 

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