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Vicksburg Jewelry Store Burgled; Estimated $1,000 Worth of Items Stolen May 16, 2023 (0 comments)


Vicksburg, MS--A store located on Pemberton Square Boulevard, fell victim to a break-in at approximately 3:40 a.m. on Wednesday. Manager Ginger Richards of Carter Jewelers told a news outlet that a lone thief triggered alarms by breaking the store's glass front door and several display cases.

[Image via The Vicksburg Post]

According to Richards, the security company promptly alerted the store and the Vicksburg Police Department. The police department is investigating the case and will provide additional information when available, as per the news report.

The report states that although the total value of the stolen items is still under assessment, Richards estimated that approximately $1,000 worth of sterling silver and gold-plated chains were taken. She also noted that the cost to replace the broken glass door and three damaged display cases would likely exceed the value of the stolen jewelry.

This incident underscores the ongoing threats that jewelry stores face, both in terms of theft and resulting property damage. As the investigation continues, the suspects remain at large.

Learn more in the report on The Vicksburg Post.

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