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What’s Leading to a Shortage of Luxury Watches in the Market? May 25, 2022 (0 comments)

Rolex watch at auction

New York, NY--Watches are an essential part of the accessory line-up. Known as a solid investment option against inflation, the long-lasting and durable nature of luxury watches — if properly cared for — make for an attractive selling point.

But it might not be the best year for watch collectors, especially Rolex lovers, as retail stores worldwide sit empty. Where have all the Rolex watches gone?

It's more than supply and demand. The industry, some say, has been "democratized."

"Watch collecting used to be something of a closed community made up of highly passionate people having small private meetups and events," says Joshua Ganjei, CEO of the watch retailer European Watch Company in Boston, in an article by Gear Patrol. "But with the rise of internet blogs, forums dedicated solely to watches, and Instagram, the hobby has really been democratized."

The democratization isn't just about knowing more about watches but also having more ways to buy, sell, and trade them. 

Could it also be that Rolex is noticing this trend and limiting supply? The company denies such intentions.

Read more on Rolex shortages in the entire Gear Patrol report.

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