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Will Meghan Markle Spark A Rush For Three-Stone Engagement Rings? |  November 29, 2017 (0 comments)


London, UK—Britain’s Prince Harry has found his princess. Although Meghan Markle, the American actress whom he will marry, won’t be called Princess Meghan, she is wearing an engagement ring that’s not only fit for a princess, but at least partially came from a princess. And it just might be what the jewelry industry has been craving since the 1980s: the proverbial next tennis bracelet.

In true Millennial fashion (Prince Harry is 33 and Markle is 36), the couple sealed their engagement with a unique ring designed by Harry to reflect important elements of their life together. Early in their courtship, the couple went on a five-day camping trip to Botswana, where they reportedly realized they wanted a permanent relationship. The center stone in Markle’s ring is a diamond Harry sourced from Botswana, making it especially meaningful to the couple. The three-stone ring, made by British jeweler Cleave & Company, is comprised of the center stone, which appears to be a cushion cut between three and five carats, set in a yellow gold band and flanked by two round diamonds from jewelry belonging to the late Princess Diana.

Both Harry and William proposed with jewelry belonging to their mother as a means of connecting their wives to her: William gave Kate Middleton Diana’s famous sapphire and diamond engagement ring, and Harry included the two stones from Diana’s jewelry in Markle’s custom ring, saying the two would have been “thick as thieves” had they been able to meet.

The happy couple.

But will Markle’s ring spark a trend for three-stone rings in yellow gold? Or even demand for three-stone engagement rings, no matter what they're set in?

Very likely. The winter-white coat Markle wore for her first public photos as Harry’s fiancée, ( from Canadian label Line) is already sold out in white, and like her future sister-in-law, Kate Middleton (now Duchess of Cambridge), who is responsible for any and all versions of her outfits blowing off the racks as soon as she appears in them, it's a good bet that Markle will do the same. In fact, Duchess Kate’s modest wedding gown sparked a trend for sleeves again, reversing a years-long trend for strapless gowns.

Kate’s heirloom sapphire and diamond engagement ring did spark some desire for similar rings among women who wanted color, but Markle’s ring, an updated all-diamond classic in yellow gold, may be even more likely to launch a wave of demand for similar styles. Look for more requests for three-stone rings, for yellow gold settings, and to incorporate family stones into new rings.

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