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Worth Reading: Selected Business and Industry News From the Web September 07, 2010 (0 comments)

Here’s a good comprehensive article about the post-recessionary luxury market, from Women’s Wear Daily’s August 4 edition.  Subscription may be required.

Henri Baguirdjian, president and CEO of Graff, was interviewed by CNBC about the investment value of a jewelry gift.  If “investment” and “diamonds” in the same breath evoke an early-‘80s shudder, note Baguirdjian’s emphasis on “small percentage” of assets—not swapping your mutual funds for a pouch of diamonds.

Analyst Ken Gassman breaks down demographic spending for jewelry in this article from Idex Online, reprinted in National Jeweler:

As Kimberley Process detractors now include prominent industry figures, Rob Bates offers a valid argument against throwing out the proverbial baby with the bathwater.

Finally, click below for a chart showing August’s rise in consumer confidence and corresponding measurements against retail and unemployment, courtesy of Wells Fargo Securities’ economics group.  

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