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Zales Announces Designer Edit with Exclusive Jewelry Collaborations January 17, 2024 (0 comments)


Akron, OH--Zales has launched its Designer Edit, featuring collaborations with emerging designers SOKO, Shahla Karimi, and Alessi Domenico. The initiative is part of Zales' rebranding efforts and seeks to introduce diverse and modern styles to the jewelry market.

Kecia Caffie, President of Zales, highlighted the Designer Edit as a strategy to diversify the brand's product range ahead of its 100th anniversary in March 2024. Caffie noted in a news release that the collaboration with new designers aims to offer unique products and attract younger customers.

The collection includes:

Zales x SOKO: A partnership with the Black-owned, women-led brand SOKO, featuring artisanal jewelry made by Kenyan artisans. The Zales-exclusive Obiti line promotes themes of empowerment and sustainability. Notable personalities like Michelle Obama and Keke Palmer have worn SOKO's jewelry.

Zales x SHAHLA: Shahla Karimi's collection is inspired by female architects and includes exclusive fine jewelry made of precious metals and stones worn by celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Lucy Hale.

Zales x Alessi Domenico: This collection uses luxurious materials to combine Alessi Domenico's craftsmanship with classic Italian design.

Pricing for the collections ranges from $118 for Zales x SOKO, $1,150 to $7,680 for Zales x SHAHLA, and $2,499 to $63,999 for Zales x Alessi Domenico.

More information is available in the news release.

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