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3 Tips to Innovate in the Jewelry Market September 30, 2019 (0 comments)

1-18.jpg Innovation is the key word for anyone who wants to stand out in the jewelry market. After all, it is through innovation that you differentiate yourself from others. Just like in the world of fashion and art, you need to reinvent yourself every season to bring the best value to customers. Here are three ways you can innovate your brand and products:

1 - Identify the demands of the jewelry market

To identify the demands of the market, you first have to understand your target audience—the consumers you want to attract into your jewelry store. What stage of life are they in? What in-store experiences do they prefer when buying jewelry? These questions should underpin all your research work. Here, it is also worth noting their art and fashion preferences. Both are powerful sources of insight as they directly involve creativity. By identifying consumers’ demands you can set goals that are targeted towards meeting these needs.

2 - Keep an eye on great designers

A jeweler must be a good observer. Being aware of the latest trends in fashion, design, and accessories will greatly help you innovate. Read, study, and see what great designers bring to the industry. By utilizing different design techniques, shapes, colors, and materials when creating new pieces, designers can attract customers who demand unique designs. It is worth analyzing these design trends to get ahead of the competition. 

3 - Create a sophisticated digital showroom

One of the hallmarks of innovation is the use of advanced technologies. Consider investing in your store’s website, which acts as a digital showroom. It will allow you to expand the business, serving today’s  consumer who prefers to do research online before going in store. For this, it is essential to have a modern website platform that offers a premier user experience, access to analytics, personalization, and data security. It is also important to emphasize that the site must follow aesthetic principles and allow users to see jewelry details. These are key points if you want to drive customers into your store through your website. Smart Age has customized solutions and fast-track websites that have a shorter production time while still meeting the demands of each client. The jewelry market moves millions annually. To be able to excel you need to innovate. With our tips it will be easier to differentiate your business and attract consumers.

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