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GemFind Announces New DiamondLink ECommerce Tool October 09, 2019 (0 comments)

Screenshot-2019-10-09-10.58.08.png DiamondLink, GemFind’s well-known retail diamond sourcing app that allows retailers to curate a list of diamond suppliers for shopping on their website, has announced the launch of its E-Commerce edition for WordPress, Magento 2.0 and Shopify platforms. The E-Commerce Edition brings GemFind to a new level, enabling jewelers to sell diamonds from their vendors directly on their website. By using this new edition of GemFind, independent retailers can not only sell diamonds online, but also select diamond qualities they wish to put for sale on their website — fully utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) in the process. With Click reports jewelers have access to data analytics on who was looking at their diamond list and when. Multicurrency – enables jewelers to open their websites to international customers with automatic currency conversion. “The DiamondLink E-Commerce Edition is something I have long been waiting for,” said Greg Dolkarian from Derco Diamonds in San Francisco. “Not only can I access diamonds from my own customized list of diamond companies, I can go head-to-head with web-based diamond companies in the online space and enhance the ease of purchase of diamonds for engagement rings for my customers.” The E-Commerce edition of DiamondLink also allows retailers to sell diamonds in real time without owning them and includes availability for dropship options directly from several diamond companies to the consumer. “The DiamondLink E-Commerce edition enables retailers to compete at the same level with major diamond selling websites, while taking advantage of the unique customization of their diamond inventory, noted Alex Fetanat, founder and Chief Executive Officer of GemFind. “Jeweler-curated virtual diamond inventory, coupled with critical online tools, will develop significant traffic and sales.” While retail jewelers have used DiamondLink for over 15 years, the E-Commerce edition brings a level of functionality and ease-of-use apps that will be available on Magento, WordPress and Shopify stores. This function, combined with GemFind’s other digital marketing tools that include RingBuilder, web development, social media, geo-fencing, and pay per click (PPC) management, provides jewelers what is essentially a virtual salesman added to their sales team. About GemFind: GemFind is a multifaceted digital marketing company exclusively focused on the jewelry industry. Founded over 20 years ago, GemFind is an industry leader providing suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers with critical B2B2C tools. As the only comprehensive jewelry digital provider in the industry, GemFind offers a multitude of services that includes JewelCloud, where retailers can access virtual inventory from hundreds of manufacturers and diamond suppliers. Other functions include the unique copyrighted digital tool RingBuilder, which enables consumers to build a complete ring on the retailer’s website in a virtual format. GemFind also provides a complete suite of services for web development, social media, geo-fencing, pay per click management, and e-commerce platforms. For more information please call GemFind at 800.373.4373

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