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3 Ways to Draw in Thoughtful Holiday Shoppers December 19, 2018 (0 comments)

4-2.jpg According to Google, mobile searches for “thoughtful gifts” have grown more than 150% in the past two years while searches for “unique gifts” have grown more than 110%. Shoppers want to make sure that the gifts they are buying for their loved ones will be cherished. They are using the Internet to find these items as efficiently as possible. Some may shy away from buying luxury jewelry for someone else because of how intimidating it is. Jewelers know that the value of their service doesn’t only come from the tangible pieces they sell. The intangible benefits often outweigh anything else. Here are a few ways jewelers can take advantage of the need for online gift recommendations and help make thoughtful shoppers’ lives easier:

1. Give suggestions on social media.

Give suggestions on who shoppers can give gifts to on social media. Instead of posting a photo of a watch on Instagram with a caption that you could use at any time of year, consider including a caption like, “The perfect holiday gift for dad.” This makes the post more eye-catching to shoppers on the hunt for something that their father would love.

2. Create curated blog posts.

There’s a reason why the “Oprah’s Favorite Things” list has been a mainstay in holiday shoppers’ lives for years. People love curated lists that help them save time and make decisions quicker. Instead of having to sift through several retailers’ websites, they can easily find a list of a few jewelry pieces, and select from there. If your website has a blog, write list based articles like “5 Perfect Gifts for Mom.” List based articles are more likely to rank higher in Google search and make it easier for people to skim what you’ve written. Curate lists that do the thinking for your customer.

3. Maximize convenience with gift wrapping services.

Jewelers know that presentation is everything. Help your last minute shopper get everything done in time by offering on the spot gift wrap services that are as luxurious as your jewelry. Anything that makes it seem like your customer went the extra mile to find and present the perfect gift to their loved one is a great way to be as useful as possible to your customer.

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