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6 Great Ways To Increase Your Jewelry Website Conversion Rate |  February 04, 2024 (0 comments)


Your jewelry website’s conversion rate is your most important metric. If no one converts then it doesn’t matter how many visitors you have. Having eyeballs for the sake of eyeballs is a vanity metric which doesn’t best serve your business. You won’t grow.

A “conversion” is simply the goal for your campaign. It’s making a direct sale to a consumer, but it could also be getting someone to sign-up to your email list, book an appointment, download an ebook, or refer a friend or family member. Your “conversion rate” is the percentage of site visitors who complete your desired action – whatever your aim. It’s how you measure the success of your marketing campaign and determines how well you achieved your goals.

The most successful jewelers are fanatical about optimizing every opportunity to improve their success.

Here are 6 proven ways you can increase your website conversion rate:

1. Use limited-time deals.

Having a limited-time deal or special offer is always a great way to motivate action. Offering a limited quantity of a unique jewelry style or highlighting the amount people will save when they “buy now” always helps to close more deals. Everyone loves to feel like they’re getting something special just for them. Reward the people who follow you on social media or on your email list with an incredible offer they can’t refuse.

2. Build trust.

Because jewelry is a high-ticket item, trust becomes one of the most important deciding factors when making a purchase. The more trust you can build with your audience, the more sales you’ll make. You build trust slowly over time through your reputation, but you can also grow trust quickly if you start with a solid foundation. Displaying security options and trust seals are a given, but also showing real testimonials from actual customers can go a long way. And, don’t be afraid to show negative reviews, they add to your credibility. You can’t erase everything.

People understand that not everyone’s experience will be five stars, but it’s how you reply to these negative reviews where your customers will take notice. If you’ve done everything you can to “make it right” and people see that, then they’ll respect you. Remember, if you service your customers well and go the extra mile you won’t have to worry when someone gives feedback.

3. Track your website visitors.

You can’t improve your conversion rate unless you know how your visitors are using and interacting with your site. What pages do they land on when they arrive? How do they navigate your menu? What jewelry styles and categories do they click on? How long do they stay on your website? And, what page do they exit from? These are all questions you need to answer if you want to optimize your conversion rate. Using tools such as heat maps and session cameras are an ideal way to uncover where improvements can be made.

4. Use live chat.

People hate to wait. If someone is on your website and they have a question, then most likely they’ll email you. But, many people won’t. They’ll simply move on. Impatience has lost many sales. Don’t repeat this mistake.

Use live chat on your website and have someone available (at least during business hours) to answer your customers. During off-peak hours you can use AI chatbots to capture the lead (for you to answer later), or you can even hire an outside service to cover during hours you’re closed. According to a recent study by If By Phone, 59% of customers are more likely to purchase when brands answer their inquiries in less than a minute. This applies to the phone as well as live chat.

Another study by the Aberdeen Group found that with live chat you have a 34% increase in customer satisfaction. With results like these, live chat is a no-brainer.

5. Capture abandoned orders.

Every item that’s added into the shopping cart is a potential sale. But, many people who have good intentions to complete their purchase never do. They get distracted or life gets in the way. They meant to come back and finish the order – but simply forgot.

It’s been stated that up to 70% of abandoned carts are never completed. That’s easy money. Use an abandoned cart tool to follow-up and email these customers and watch your conversion rates soar. A simple reminder of “you left something in your cart” prompts action. Combining this with a special offer or discount is pure gold!

By creating an effective email marketing campaign to target customers who abandon their cart, you not only maximize your sales but you show your customers that you care.

Remember, they wouldn’t have added the jewelry into their cart if they weren’t interested.

6. Optimize your price and payment options.

The average price of your jewelry should always align with your audience. If you sell high-end jewelry but your customers are middle-class, then they won’t have much discretionary income leftover to buy.

Remember, jewelry is a luxury purchase. People don’t have to buy it.

Make sure that the jewelry you offer is something that the majority of your audience can afford. You can have a few high-end pieces, but don’t make that your entire showcase if those aren’t the type of customers you aren’t going after. If you do want to offer a few expensive pieces, then break those payments down and give people choices of payment methods and multiple ways to pay. There are options such as Klarna or Affirm which can offer payment plans to your customers. You can make a seemingly “expensive” purchase an easily affordable one.

In summary, you should always be optimizing your website’s conversion rate. Every day and every tactic brings you new ways to be more successful. If done right, you’ll never be finished improving your website. There’s always a better way to do things and a better way to make more sales. Start with these tips and see how big your jewelry business grows.

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