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8 Jewelry Advertising Ideas to Attract Your Target Audience February 26, 2019 (0 comments)


Jewelers, consumers want to be wooed. This is one of the many significant impacts brought about by globalization. They are empowered now more than ever because of the plethora of options made available by the internet. You no longer control what they should see, hear, or buy. They are no longer passive trade participants who need to wait until you’re ready to attend to their needs. If you can’t meet their demands now, other jewelers will – in no time.

So, what needs to be done to restore trust, confidence, and above all, loyalty, you ask? ADVERTISE! Be creative, persuasive, and informative. As you can see in the image below, your consumers go through different stages before they finally decide whether to purchase or otherwise. This process all begins with searching for product information – the stage where your advertising comes in. Advertising is a persuasive and informative communication that makes consumers aware of a product, influences their behavior, and persuades them to purchase. It is necessary to be creative and appealing to lure your target audience for you to pass the second stage, although other factors like pricing may affect your chances; hence, it’s critical to know who your consumers are and design your advertisements according to that knowledge. Advertising doesn’t have to be grand all the time. With technology making information accessible to almost everyone, it’s impossible not to find the right platform for you to expand your reach. If you don’t have the resource you need to organize a jewelry styling event, then read on because we’ve got something for every small and large jewelry business owner.

#1. Excite your audience with Instagram giveaways and contests

Freebies and prizes, who wouldn’t want them?! Statistics show that Instagram contests and giveaways generate more engagement or 64x more comments and 3.5x more likes than regular Instagram content. Such figures indicate that not only are these content the fastest way to gain and attract your target audience; they’re also one of the best ways to increase your jewelry brand awareness. When hosting a contest, remember to specify the rules of the game very clearly. It must also include the prize, the eligibility, and restrictions (if there are any), the deadline for entering the contest and the date when you will announce the winner.

#2. Team up with like-minded individuals for a collaborative project

Make a list of like-minded individuals that you can team up with for a collaborative project and reach out to them to see if they’re interested in collaborating with you. You may offer to create a personalized piece for them in return and leverage each other’s connection by agreeing to feature the final piece on both of your social media accounts and/or websites. An example of this collaborative project is one done by Alexis Kletjian, a jewelry designer – who organized a fashion and jewelry styling collaboration with David Ferron of Unionville Saddle.  This type of collaboration, which was designed to give advice and ideas to clients about how to match their wardrobe with their jewelry pieces, is one of the many exciting jewelry advertising ideas; however, not all collaborations have to be done in the same manner. Think out of the box and plan.

#3. Take advantage of different holidays and create promotions that cater to its sentiments.

As a jeweler, you need to know these key dates so you can create your jewelry advertisement or promotional strategies that serve the occasion. For instance, Valentine’s Day is one of the most important holidays in the jewelry world, if not the most important. In fact, in the U.S alone, the jewelry purchases during the 2018 Valentine’s Day celebration were recorded to be at $2.6 billion. Regardless of the occasion, your advertising strategy is expected to convince consumers that your jewelry pieces are the best gift for special celebrations. Ensure that you have the perfect holiday advertisements that capture the right emotions when the occasion arises.

#4. Lend your jewelry pieces to influencers and personalities in exchange for endorsements

Do you know that with the right advertising strategy, you can get your jewelry pieces to famous personalities and social media influencers? That’s right! You too can play the red carpet game and have celebrities showcase your jewelry pieces and watch them get sold instantaneously as they deliver their acceptance speech. For smaller brands, getting celebrities to show off your brand can be an intimidating and difficult feat to achieve, but it doesn’t mean it’s not doable, especially if you know how to approach the process. To start, you have to get past the gatekeepers or as they call it, the stylists. Befriend the gatekeepers until you’re able to establish a relationship strong enough for them to like your creation. But of course, it’s not enough that your pieces click with the stylists, it must also match with the dress; hence, consider the type of jewelry you’re advertising and ensure that it matches the events you’re gunning for. If pursuing celebrity endorsements or showcase is too big of a step for you at this point, your next alternative is to reach out to social media influencers who fit your brand image. Influencers can help you promote your jewelry pieces on different social media platform and blogs and build customer relationships. Select the right influencers and only choose those with a huge following and an established reputation. After all, 49% of consumers depend on the recommendations given by influencers.

#5. Invest in 360-degree jewelry video ads

Source: Yellow diamond ring captured using the GemLightbox by Picup Media

Statistics show that by 2020, online videos will account for 80% of consumer internet traffic. This figure demonstrates the exponential growth of online videos, including 360-product videos. In fact, 360-degree product videos are reported to boost purchase intent by 7% given the consumers increasing interest in its interactivity and entertaining appeal. This is far better than traditional video ads. 360-degree jewelry videos are also one of the excellent ways to offer an informative advertisement to online consumers. Without the ability to touch and try on the product, the capability of viewing it from a 360 angle would help them visualize themselves wearing it. For instance, the 360-degree yellow diamond ring above – captured using the GemLightbox with the GemLightbox add-on turntable – enables the online consumers to see all the parts of the ring from the head, the center and side stones, the bridge and gallery, the shank, all the way to the sizing area. These details will help them make a better purchase decision than keeping them guessing behind their computer or mobile screen.


Overall, using jewelry product videos can enliven your sales just like how other brands reportedly increased their conversion rate by 30% and 47%  – one of the many benefits of using regular product videos and 360-degree jewelry videos.

#6. Invest in professional quality jewelry photography

Source: Photographed using the GemLightbox by Picup Media and a smartphone

Nowadays, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture high-quality jewelry photos. If you have the right equipment and the basic photography knowledge, you shouldn’t be consuming too much of your time capturing photos with poor results. For instance, the photo above was captured using the GemLightbox and a smartphone. With just a click, you can have your jewelry pieces photographed on a plain white background and upload it directly to your social media pages and websites. It’s photography simplified! Jewelry photography shouldn’t be neglected because it’s your link to your online consumers who cannot touch your product; hence, you must be able to convince them through the screen that your pieces are worth buying. High-quality photos have many uses. You can use it in your social media posts, on your e-commerce website or platforms, and with your direct mail marketing among many others.

#7. Take advantage of user-generated advertising campaigns

There’s nothing more authentic than putting your consumers in the spotlight and let them voluntarily promote the products for you. This voluntary effort can be made possible via a user-generated advertising campaign. For instance, you can launch a website where all your customers can upload their photos showing themselves wearing your jewelry pieces and at the same time, be able to comment on pictures of other people on the website. Another alternative and perhaps simpler than launching a website is by encouraging customers to upload a photo of them wearing your jewelry pieces on Instagram and tag you using your brand’s official hashtag. Either way, both campaigns are guaranteed to involve your customers and will push them to participate and engage with you. After all, 53% of baby boomers and 64% of millennials appreciate it when they’re given the option to voice out their opinions about a particular brand. In return, they can bring you more potential consumers as 55% of consumers trust user-generated content over other marketing tactics.

#8. Go to jewelry exhibits

Source: Picup Media/GemLightbox at the Centurion Show, Scottsdale, Arizona

Attending the right jewelry exhibits and shows can be the best way to advertise your jewelry products to a target market. While there are pros and cons like (it’s time-consuming and costly), you might find that the pros outweigh the cons. First, jewelry exhibits are generally attended by well-targeted people in the industry; hence, it will be the perfect venue for you to create brand awareness. It is also here where you will meet people in the industry who may have little or no knowledge of your jewelry business or products. Do you know other jewelry advertising ideas you think should be included in the list? What (if any) of the above ideas have you tried and worked for you? Let us know in the comment section below!

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