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Digital Marketing: Not Just For Retailers! September 28, 2018 (0 comments)

9.jpg When we announced the launch of at Centurion in February, the feedback we received was fantastic - especially from retailers. However, after many conversations with as many people as I could, I learned that many manufacturers and designers felt that “digital marketing” really had nothing to do with them since they don’t sell directly to the public. This is silly. As long as you have customers, you can market to them online. Sure, your customer may not be general consumers. But whoever they are, they have an email address and they have a personal social media page. One of the most effective ways to put your brand in front of retail stores is by blogging. B2B marketing is heavily based around creating compelling content, and then distributing that content to your ideal customer. Blogging and promoting your content to jewelry stores (or whoever your customer is within the industry) is very easy. A simple marketing flow could look like this:
  1. Blog regularly with content specifically geared towards your ideal customer. Publish the article on your website.
  2. Put a link/feature of your articles in an e-newsletter and send it out only to your target retailers/customers.
  3. Create a custom audience of these target retailers on Facebook, and promote your blog articles to these same people there (a custom audience is an excel file you can upload to Facebook with a list of email addresses. Facebook will match those addresses with Facebook profiles and display ads or more content to them).
  4. Use Google remarketing to show additional branding/ads to people who have read this customer-specific blog. (Remarketing sends follow up ads to people browsing the web who have visited your site in the recent X days).
If your blog has content that only your ideal customer would really find interesting, then its fairly safe to assume that most of the people reading your blog are potential customers. Your article gives them a feel for who you are, introduces yourself to them, and positions yourself as an industry thought leader. Then, they’d see follow up material on Facebook and Google. Plus, all this content is building Google rank value. The easiest way to fail is by making your articles a sales pitch. Sometimes, an article is cheerful and lets readers learn a little about the writer’s thoughts and ideas. Sometimes an article can be an educational piece that your reader can find interesting. But you should never turn these posts into a blatant sales pitch - its annoying, nobody will want to read it, and they won’t bother coming back to your blog. And then if you’re running Facebook and/or Google retargeting ads to them, you’ll be wasting your ad spend promoting to someone who thinks you’re annoying. People will fall in love with your company because of the things you have to say and the value your articles provide. That’s the promotion for your company right there. Don’t slam then with sales pressure - they get that nonstop online as it is.

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