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Facebook Pixel Events: Crash Course For Jewelers September 03, 2019 (0 comments)

Screenshot-2019-09-03-10.44.33.png Most jewelers are likely using the basic Facebook pixel to assist in their Facebook ad conversions and tracking. However, using Facebook pixel events will take it one step further and open up new targeting options.

What's The Facebook Pixel?

Having the Facebook Pixel installed on your website is mandatory for any business serious about running, tracking, and optimizing their Facebook ads efficiently as possible. The Facebook pixel is a unique piece of code that gets generated for you by Facebook. You place this piece of code throughout your website, which allows Facebook to track the browsing habits of your website visitors.  The pixel gives you access to all of the following, and more:

What Are Pixel Events?

Using the Facebook Pixel in the above “standard” ways is great - it really lets you do some great things with your online advertising. However, using pixel “events” will open up even more possibilities. A Facebook “pixel event” is essentially a trigger that sends a signal to Facebook. For example, one “pixel event” can be used to collect data that the visitor made a purchase or signed up for something. Standard pixel events include:

Adding Facebook Pixel Events

Before the new Event Setup Tool was released, setting up Facebook pixel events was done manually. However, first announced last June, an easier method is rolling out to advertisers (not all have it yet). No coding is required. If you need help with advanced Facebook Ads setup, feel free to browse our recommended agency partners who can certainly help!

Custom Audiences With Pixel Events

The primary strength of using Facebook pixel events is that it will give you the option to create custom audiences based on those pixel events. Rather than simply being able to retarget ads to people who visited your site, you'll be able to target people, for example, who made a previous purchase. These are some great new options for jewelers selling online.

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