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In-Store Tactics To Increase Social Media Followers July 30, 2019 (0 comments)

Screenshot-2019-02-20-12.33.57.jpg We typically think of using social media as a way to increase the success of our store. However, we can also use our in-store experiences to drive social media engagement. After all, a customer who just had a great experience in your store would be a perfect person to get following your page. Snap their pic, post the pic, tag them One of the easiest ways to increase your followers is to snap a photo or two when someone makes a purchase in your store. Simply share the photo on your instagram page and tag the customer in the pics. They’ll likely see the tag and follow your page back (and some of their friends might follow you upon seeing the pics, too). If the social media platform requires them to follow your page prior to tagging them, that’s fine - ask them to follow you while they’re still in the store and explain it’s to tag them in the pic. Incentivize The Follow People that follow your social media pages and who stay on your email list should get something special that others don’t have access to. Every person who walks into your store should be told they get something special for following you on social media. A free ring cleaning is a good idea - it doesn’t cost you anything and it gives the customer a reason to come back in your store at a later time.

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