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Little Steps: Achievable First Online Goals For Jewelry Stores July 20, 2019 (0 comments)

1-1.jpeg Jewelry stores and brands looking to make their first headway in the digital space will probably want to know some great starting goals they should aim for. Here’s a good starting point in each of 4 different marketing avenues. Local Search - increase reviews If you’re looking for more success from “jewelry stores near me” and similar searches, you should do everything you can to get as many reviews as possible. This is a factor in two ways - first, people are more likely to contact you for business if you have lots of great reviews. But secondly, your review count and score are also a Google ranking factor. Take a week to reach out to customers and really build your Google reviews.  Email - increase clickthrough rates It’s easy to get focused on trying to grow the number of email subscribers to your list. This is of course great. However, I would recommend trying to increase the click through rate from your current email list. Learning the type of things that cause your audience to actually click the links in your emails will tell you what type of content to craft to get visitors onto your site. Social - increase engagement Similar to the above example, it’s easy to get fixated on increasing your Facebook followers count. However, your post engagement is way more important than the number of people following your page. Sales comes from engaged customers who really care about your brand - so increasing your post likes and post comments will be important to you. How do you do this? Sharing and posting about things that are actually interesting and valuable to your readers. SEO - get on the first page for a valuable blog post Search Engine Optimization - the art of getting on the first page of Google search results - is a big deal. It’s intensive and takes a lot of work and time to create a piece of content that Google ranks well. Ranking on the first page for a search term like “best engagement rings” would obviously be valuable to you. Start by blogging about topics that you think your audience will be interested in. Without this, there is absolutely no way to rank high in Google.

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