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The 6 Key Marketing Metrics Your CEO Actually Cares About January 26, 2018 (0 comments)

Gone are the days of the CMO who isn't fluent in metrics, analytics, and spreadsheets. The internet has made marketing far more measurable (and therefore more accountable to the CEO) than ever before. But CMOs struggle to find the right metrics that will get them credibility, and show how marketing contributes to the bottom line -- especially when 80% of CEOs don't trust the efforts of their marketing teams. Some of the best marketing metrics look at the total cost of marketing -- including program spend, salaries of the team, and overhead -- and relate those costs to the results you care about: revenue and customer acquisition. Other metrics, like cost per lead, cost per follower, or cost per page view can be useful to look at within a marketing team, because they can help you make decisions about where to focus, and what parts of your marketing process are broken. But most CEOs care more about the cost and the net results than the interim steps. This list of metrics is meant to focus on the most critical measures of marketing that your CEO will likely want to discuss with you.

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Article written by Sophia Bernazzani, pulled from the Hubspot blog.

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