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The Marketing Channels You Must Be On In 2023 |  July 14, 2023 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY--To be effective in your digital marketing efforts, it’s not enough to focus on a single marketing channel. It’s no longer enough to JUST do search engine optimization or JUST do social media.

Nowadays, successful brands need to be everywhere. Even if a customer finds you on Google, theres a 90% chance they will check out your social media. 

Additionally, VERY few people buy anything right away. Typically, it will take months of someone researching a product before they choose which brand/product to buy. Hell, when I knew I was going to be a really nice watch, I must have browsed brands and styles for about 2 years before I made my decision.

Therefore, you need to plan to be in your customer’s face at all times so that you’re top of mind when they’re ready to buy. The only way to do this is to be on multiple platforms.

It sounds daunting and sounds like a lot of work. But truthfully,

So where should you focus?

SEO - SEO is still the best way to acquire high-intent leads. People actively searching for you are the warmest leads.

Google Ads - Just like SEO, Google Ads lets you target warm leads who are actively searching for you. This is the first place I’d recommend every store owner focus us.

Facebook - Let’s be honest…. Facebook is dying. Engagement is at an all-time low, and new web policies have impacted Facebook’s ad targeting. However, its still the biggest platform and you need to post here.

Instagram - Instagram’s engagement rates far surpass Facebook. Plus, this is where the younger generations are who may be at “engagement ring age”. This is probably the most important social media platform to be on right now.

Threads - This is Facebook’s new social media platform, and is designed to be a direct competitor to Twitter. It’s gained millions of followers in only the first couple of weeks they’ve been around, becoming the fastest growing social media platform in history. Needless to say,

Tik Tok - if you can create the content, TikTok is very worthwhile for you to be on. The difficulty is that this is a video platform - you need to really put some time into creating cool videos. However, the payoff will be worth it because you have the opportunity here to influence the buying habits of a very young crowd. This is important because as they get old enough to spend money on jewelry, they’ll already have heard of your brand for a long time.
Youtube - There are two ways to look at youtube. You can view youtube as a content creator, and begin creating really great videos on your own page. However, you can also simply run ads on Youtube that direct people to your website. This makes it easy to reach the youtube audience without having to invest in making videos. However, if you ARE the type of person who can come up with some great youtube videos, I would definitely post them.


About The Author:

Mike Hauben is a Creative Director for H2 Events and Cennturion and is a web developer, digital marketer, and digital artist. He has over fifteen years experience and holds over 20 digital certifications (Google, Yoast, Hubspot, and more). He’s received an Award Of Excellence from MMA Business Magazine and is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Mike has gained recognition among the jewelry industry in recent years as a popular keynote speaker, author, and trusted expert. He’s spoke at a number of digital conferences, including Centurion, AGS Conclave, and JCK at the Javits Center. His editorial website,, has become a popular resource for jewelers to learn the latest digital marketing strategies. Learn more:

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