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Why I Build On Wordpress June 03, 2019 (0 comments)

1-1.png I build websites exclusively on Wordpress. For most jewelers, this could be a fantastic platform to build your website on. In this article, we’ll learn what Wordpress is and why your store should consider moving to this platform.   What is Wordpress? Websites are rarely built from complete scratch nowadays. There simply isn’t a need for web developers to do so. There are many website development platforms - like Wordpress or Magento - that give websites a structural base to begin building from. This doesn’t mean that the site is built for you. On the contrary, Wordpress development is a real skill and still often requires custom coding (like for setting up complex e-commerce shipping options, for example). However, the basics are easy to use for most people and most Wordpress site owners can at least update their site with news posts and new photos by themselves. Wordpress is the only platform I develop sites on. Here’s why. Reliability I once heard an agency say “the technology you build your website on doesn’t matter, because it’s going to be outdated soon anyway”. Funny enough, that quote was said by a web agency who uses completely outdated technology. The technology you build your website on is a very important decision. Sure, technology is always going to grow and advance. But why does that mean you wouldn’t want great infrastructure? Any legitimate website platform will grow as technology grows. If there are any major changes, updating a Wordpress site is as easy as clicking a button. Wordpress stays up to date with best practices and modern web standards. Secondly, about 30-40% of all websites online are powered by Wordpress. It’s a platform used by many of the best brands in the world. It’s reliable, well-respected, and capable of producing really world-class websites as well as nice simple ones. Community Support & Plugins Wordpress has a huge selection of plugins and add-ons - created by thousands of different wordpress developers - that simplify a lot of the complex technical knowledge that would normally come with running a serious website. Need an appointment system? Want a simple e-commerce store? Want some kind of ads rotating on your site? These types of things used to take a lot of work to code and add to a website. However, today’s technology makes it simple. There are plugins and add-ons for all these types of features. You’ll still probably want a professional to set it up and manage it for you. However, using these highly-trusted plugins gives the developer a starting point and he or she will not have to custom code these features from scratch. This saves you time and gets your projects done quicker. Plus, the “good” plugins have great customer support and thousands of people using them. So they’re usually well-maintained and you can trust that you’re getting a plugin that has been tested and used at high levels. Customization Wordpress uses best-practices. This means that proper coding and website structure is used throughout (Wordpress uses a coding language called PHP). This makes it possible to really implement just about anything into your site, or to modify plugins. This is absolutely an advanced skill and will require a high-level professional. But the fact remains that Wordpress sites are capable of doing just about anything.

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