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Why Jewelers Should Be Excited About the GemLightbox Integration with RapNet August 21, 2019 (0 comments)

Are you ready to get onboard with the GemLightbox’s newest project?
The GemLightbox integration with RapNet has made jewelry photography even better with all the benefits that await you! You read that right! The GemLightbox will soon be integrating with RapNet; thereby, making studio-quality photos and 360-degree videos accessible for both jewelry traders and buyers. Both stakeholders will benefit from this integration in a multitude of ways. The fact that the quality of product photos is influential to 75% of online shoppers means that it can dramatically increase your target buyers’ purchase intention. Not only that, over 50% of polled online consumers believed that it is not the product reviews and product information that could seal the deal for them, but it’s the visual appearance, which is a prominent factor in making that first impression. First impression forms within 50 milliseconds, and because our brain processes image 60,000 times faster than texts, this first impression relies heavily on the quality of your jewelry photos and videos. Such an insight makes RapNet and the GemLightbox alliance a force to be reckoned with in a digital jewelry world. Read on and get to know more about why jewelers like yourself should be excited about this project.
RapNet, the diamond industry’s largest and most trusted online trading network, has been the go-to destination of serious diamond buyers and sellers for over 20 years. Now, it has made sourcing more easily accessible with its jewelry B2B2C platform where thousands of buyers and sellers flock for a more convenient sourcing process and faster transaction. The RapNet platform is not different from in-store sourcing, except it’s more convenient and fast without compromising quality and authenticity. It provides buyers and sellers direct access to over one million diamonds and thousands of fine jewelry pieces from verified suppliers across the globe. Other benefits are as follows:
Seller’s Benefits
  • Have access to to thousands of ready buyers from all over the world
  • Increased sales opportunity with maximum exposure
  • Access to Rapaport Price List
  • Access to an in-depth market analysis along with diamond price indexes
  • Deal directly with no commission or transaction fees
Buyer’s Benefits
  • Best high-end fine jewelry prices from carefully vetted and most trusted suppliers
  • A powerful search engine that allows you to find diamonds quickly
  • Save time sourcing with its customized search that enables you to filter by location, sale terms, and gemological characteristics
  • Get to deal directly with no commission or transaction fees.
  • Real-time discounts
Buying and selling high-end fine jewelry on RapNet comes with ease, security, and efficiency. It’s a unique sourcing experience that you can do anytime, anywhere from the comfort of your home.

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