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How Jewelers Can Maximize The Business Impact Of Their Blog Posts August 20, 2019 (0 comments)

Screenshot-2019-08-19-21.58.31.png I recently said I’d begin explaining how to use blog posts as a powerful tool for your jewelry store or jewelry brand. So what goes into a blog post?   Here are a few key elements of making a blog post more than just a “blog post”.   Well-researched topic   Sometimes it's great to simply blog about whatever comes to mind. But if you want to really make blogging a tool of power, you can learn how to do keyword research. It’ll require a subscription to software and some training, but you’ll then be able to blog about topics that you know in advance people are searching for online.   Point Of View   The voice you use in your articles is important. My biggest advice to not to be salesy. It’s very easy to “name drop” your brand countless times and repeatedly tie your slogan into every paragraph. But this is a bad move. If people are on your site reading your blog, they’re going to become familiar with your brand. You’ll ruin the authenticity of the message if your message comes off too salesy.   SEO-Formatting   You should decide if you’re going for an SEO angle with your blog posts. This means that you’d be formatting your blog post properly to Google’s standards, making the blog post easier to be found on search engines. Some companies don’t care about SEO, but I think this is foolish. Having a solid SEO foundation is one of the… well, foundations of your site. Give it some thought. You can learn some great SEO formatting skills on this site, or hire an expert to do it for you.   Distribution Strategy   You’ll of course need to consider how you’ll be promoting the piece of content when you’re finished writing it. Presumably this will be social media and email blast of some sort. Content that’s mostly graphical is best suited for Instagram, while long-form content is best suited for Facebook. As such, blog posts thrive on Facebook. Consider boosting the post or putting some ad dollars behind it if you see people showing interest in the article. Link Building Consideration   Is this the type of blog post that other people, businesses, and brands will share on their own sites and blogs? This is a very important part of SEO, which will further help you get found on Google. If so, work with them - perhaps post a link of theirs on your blog in exchange and tie it into a future blog post for a win-win.   Opt-In Consideration    Your blog post may offer an opportunity to capture an email address. For example, if your blog post is about engagement rings, you may place an email form for the visitor to request a cool piece of content on engagement rings, or make an appointment for a special VIP engagement ring experience. If the visitor is on that page, you know they’re a potential customer and you should use this opportunity to encourage them to act. Stay tuned for more upcoming articles on producing successful blog posts!

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