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5 Email Marketing Strategies To Test In Your Jewelry Business In 2022 |  January 07, 2022 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Email marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing channels available for jewelry businesses. No other marketing method has had the longevity and staying power of email. It’s been here since the beginning of the Internet and with nearly 4 billion global daily email users, it’s here to stay! 

According to a recent survey by Statistica, 78% of marketers have seen a huge increase in their email open and click-through rates over the past year. While other digital marketing methods have been a passing fad, email marketing is the one marketing method which has delivered consistent results over time.

Remember, the goal with email marketing is to generate high-quality leads and stay in your customer’s in-box. Here are 5 email marketing strategies every jeweler should use in 2022 to grow their business.

1. Make your emails interactive.

Most emails are flat and static. The content usually consists of just an image and some basic text, with the occasional offer or promotion included. To hold people’s attention, you need to up your email marketing game. Include quick polls, consumer surveys, rollovers, animated GIF images and other interactive elements. Anything you can do to make your email messages stand-out, will greatly improve your click-through and open rates, ultimately resulting in more sales.

2. Segment your customers.

One of the best ways to improve your ROI is to segment your customers. Take your email list and break it down into smaller groups. You can split your audience by male or female, age, location, purchase frequency, or even buying interests such as bridal or fine jewelry. To do this, you need to capture additional information about your audience. Any good CRM system should be able to integrate with your ESP, also known as your email service provider. The goal here is to have a clear profile of who exactly your customers are.

3. Make use of user-generated content.

User-generated content (or UGC) is simply content that comes from your jewelry customers. UGC has been the foundation of social media marketing for years. When your audience sees other customers enjoying and wearing your jewelry or raving about their engagement ring, it becomes “social proof” which is a powerful testimonial money can’t buy. This same content from social media can be adapted for your email marketing and sent to everyone on your list, guaranteeing it doesn’t go unnoticed. To find user-generated content, go through your social media channels, check your hashtags, and see who’s posting about you. You may be surprised just how much UGC you have!

4. Personalize your email content.

Use personalization to customize your emails and improve their effectiveness. You can test different subject lines, customize content, adjust the timing of your emails, include special offers or promotions to different types of buyers--and much more!  Any way you can make your email content more personalized to each individual, the better results you’ll see. It’s well worth the investment.

5. Focus on mobile.

Mobile has been gaining traction every year since smart phones were introduced. Currently, 66% of emails are opened on a mobile device. People use their phones to check emails and quickly scan their in-boxes to see what’s worth their time. It’s absolutely critical that you ensure that your emails are mobile-responsive and that all images, text, and call-to-action buttons are easy to read and working properly. Additionally, you’ll want to keep the mobile experience in mind as you’re designing your emails. Remember, that mobile screens are small so you need to keep things clean and clutter-free.  You don’t want your jewelry customers scrolling endlessly or your marketing message to get lost.

In summary, email marketing is a real game-changer. With the pandemic still upon us, the year 2022 is going to be even more challenging for jewelry store owners than ever before. Re-assess your digital marketing strategy and start leveraging your email campaigns. There is a lot of untapped potential you can make use of. The jewelers that have survived the past few years have focused on their digital marketing channels, starting with email. It’s made a huge difference for them and it will do the same for you!

About Smart Age Solutions: Emmanuel Raheb is the Founder and CEO of Smart Age Solutions, a full-service award-winning digital marketing agency specializing in the fine jewelry industry. Smart Age’s mission is to grow independent jewelers and help them in their own backyard by running successful digital ad campaigns for clients and developing their web presence. Smart Age Solutions also advises, conducts webinars, and provides unpublished data from Google for its clients. Today, Smart Age Solutions has become synonymous with elevating standards by bringing innovation, strategy and is the agency of record for many of the industry’s leading retailers and enterprise brands. 

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