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A Fun Holiday Sales Contest That Moves All Your Merchandise October 11, 2016 (0 comments)


Nashville, TN—Contests and spiffs are a popular way for jewelers to motivate their sales team, especially during the critical holiday selling season. But some jewelers are reluctant to offer a manufacturer-based spiff for fear that it will drive sales away from other merchandise not of that brand. There are plenty of alternatives, including rewards like dinner in the best restaurant in town, a free day off, or even a weekend getaway, but why not add a little extra fun to the mix with a Yankee gift swap? (This also is called a “dirty Santa,” “white elephant,” and  “Chinese auction,” though nobody knows if it actually originated in China).

In a blog on, author Zach Watson suggests this works as a sales contest as well as a party game. First, the jeweler provides a selection of wrapped gifts, all of equal value. The first person that makes a sale above a certain amount chooses a gift and opens it, but can’t take it home till the end of the contest.

The second associate to make a sale above the designated amount can either unwrap a new gift or steal the first person’s gift. The first person then goes back and unwraps a new gift.

The third associate to hit the sales number can choose between a new gift or stealing one of the previous two opened gifts, and so forth. (If someone whose gift was stolen hits the designated goal again, they can go back and steal their original gift back.) Continue till all the gifts are opened. In the instance Watson describes, the business experienced a 50% increase in larger-than-average sales.

Read his full blog here.

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