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A Small Budget Doesn’t Have To Cramp Your Public Relations Effort January 20, 2016 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—Great PR can give even a small upstart huge media buzz. But how do you generate huge media buzz without a huge public relations budget?

It is quite possible, writes Jason Tannahill in Everything PR, a news website for the public relations industry. His tips:

1. Hire a boutique PR firm. Often launched by former executives of major firms, they typically specialize in a particular industry so they have a deeper level of expertise in that area.

2. Do it internally. You can hire a good PR consultant to develop strategy, for a fee far less than hiring a whole firm to handle your PR.

3. Do it yourself. PR isn’t rocket science, writes Tannahill. Workshops or online training can help you learn how, and you can engage the entire staff and give them a chance to build a new skill.

4. Recycling isn’t just for bottles and cans; it works for PR content as well. Re-run content for people who missed it the first time and when applicable, changing the heading, updating the information, adding a few new tips, or changing images often is all you need.

5. Get on social media.

For more on the topic, read Tannahill’s article here.

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