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Assessment As A Tool To Find High Sellers For Your Team |  November 17, 2021 (0 comments)


Tampa, FL--Selling success is based on specific behaviors and motivators, says Terry Sisco of Exsellerate. In nearly 50 years in retail jewelry, I have yet to hear a top performer admit that they sell a high level because they attended a seminar by a famous trainer or watched a training video. After thinking for a moment, they will typically say “It’s who I am” or “My mother/father/relative taught me from childhood.”

One selling superstar potentially has two to four times the economic impact of the average salesperson. Let that sink in for a moment. Beyond sales this truth applies to education, family and children services, accountants, fitness instructors and in fact, every job role. Placing the right people in the right seats dramatically increases performance and employee engagement.

In today’s economy It becomes hyper-critical to identify and hire people who can achieve the greatest outcomes because in many cases, fewer and fewer people are being asked to do more and more with less and less. But how?

As a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst, I was curious if all top sales professionals possessed the exact same behavioral dimensions. So, I asked 100 top performing salespeople from local independent jewelry stores to national chains to online retail jewelry companies to take a behavioral assessment. 

The assessment measures four behavioral sciences and compares 55 points of job compatibility. The results? Every top performer possessed the exact same behavioral DNA. From these insights I created a behavioral benchmark now referred to as the Sisco Sales Score. It’s like a diamond cert, but for people. It measurably and accurately predicts how well a retail jewelry salesperson will perform. The closer the match to the benchmark, the greater the level of performance. It uncovers a candidate’s potential and discovers uncovers the capacity of current staff to move the sales needle to the maximum level.

Since performing the retail jewelry research, I have explored hundreds of salespeople selling products from million-dollar MRI machines to luxury automobiles. The results are always the same. Every top performer possesses the same measurable behavioral DNA.

A five-year study reveals that hiring based on interview and resume alone has an 18% predictability rate. In other words, the wrong person is hired 82% of the time. Adding the third element of a behavioral assessment to the interview and resume, then comparing it to the Sisco Sales Score benchmark results in a 94% predictability rate.

Everyone is talented in some capacity. There is a reason that great salespeople are typically not detail oriented, or accountants are typically introverted. Success in any job role occurs when a person’s natural behaviors are matched to a job that requires those behaviors for success. Improving performance and reducing employee turn-over is as simple as aligning the right behaviors to the right job role. This is extremely simple using today’s technology and advanced behavioral sciences. 

Store owners, try a free, no obligation assessment on us. Give it to a current associate, potential candidate or be brave and take it yourself.

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