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Boosting Mall Traffic With Consumer-Centered Retail Strategies May 19, 2022 (0 comments)

Shopping mall

Pittsburgh, PA--Shopping malls are a favorite hotspot for retail stores. Having more visitors to your mall store leads to more sales. Malls are already a shopping environment, so it's also a valuable opportunity to improve customer service and staffing to boost sales.

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For retailers who have found a space in a mall, they must think outside the box to attract more shoppers. There are several to do that.

Trafsys highlights some key strategies that retailers cal adopt to boost their mall foot traffic. The strategies are as follows:

  1. Turn your mall into an entertainment hub
  2. Hold community events
  3. Provide Wi-Fi hotspots
  4. Rent space to unconventional tenants 
  5. Buy online, pickup-in-store
  6. Measuring mall traffic

Some other way businesses can improve customer experience is by better understanding their business, knowing their target audience, setting themselves apart with outstanding service, keeping in contact with customer sand offering promotions in-store and online.

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