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Designing a Futureproof Omnichannel Retail Strategy for Your Jewelry Business April 21, 2022 (0 comments)

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London, United Kingdom--Omnichannel retail has become a common example in the market. Now, various online channels and touchpoints connect customers to businesses, promising an effortless, seamless, and comprehensive experience through the customer journey.

There's no looking back from here, as eCommerce sales are expected to reach 24% of entire retail sales in the US by 2025, suggesting that more customers are adapting to these methods and business practices. Online shopping and connecting through various channels with a business is becoming a common practice. COVID-19 has only fueled this practice. 

"[The pandemic] has forced everyone to operate at a much higher level of digital maturity,” said Sharon Gee, General Manager, Omnichannel at BigCommerce, in a report. "To succeed today, retailers need to put a stake in the ground and define a unified channel strategy from a digital and physical perspective."

For businesses (including jewelry retail), going omnichannel is more than just setting up an online store. Having a comprehensive and foolproof strategy is an essential step toward this.

A report by Insider Trends highlights some crucial differences between good and great omnichannel strategies. For example, a great omnichannel experience allows customers to check in with their phones and then share the customer information — or Matches — with store attendants to establish a fruitful interaction.

Such a system also helps the business staff to keep in touch with customers with messaging and AI-backed product recommendations. 

A great omnichannel sales strategy is effective at every stage of customer interaction; the feedback collected can be used to optimize the entire experience further.

Read the complete Insider Trends report for more on establishing a successful omnichannel experience for your jewelry retail business.

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