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Do Pre-Employment Tests Really Work? April 27, 2016 (0 comments)


Brentwood, TN—Jewelers are not alone in using special tests during the hiring process to identify candidates who are likely to become stellar employees—or a security risk. But do pre-employment tests really deliver what they promise?

According to this article by Cyndi Sax in HR Daily Advisor, the answer is yes—but a qualified yes. Sax is senior vice president of Caliper, a well-known testing firm.

Anyone with the right software can make up a personality assessment test and try to sell it to you, she says, so it’s important to do your homework before buying.

“Vet the assessment and make sure it is backed by real science,” she writes. Once you do find a good pre-employment assessment, though, go for it, because in the long run, you are not only saving money by hiring the right person but you are also opening yourself up to a world of data that can help with onboarding, team building, coaching, and succession planning.

Read Sax’s entire article here and read more about assessing the personality traits of successful salespeople in sales training expert Terry Sisco’s article here.

Top image: HR Daily Advisor

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