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Facing ‘The Great Resignation’: Techniques to Boost Employee Engagement in Retail March 21, 2023 (1 comment)

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New York, NY--The retail industry is grappling with recruitment and retention issues due to low employee engagement, burnout, and feelings of underappreciation. To create a supportive and inspiring work environment, an article points out strategies to enhance employee engagement in the retail sector:

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Optimize your onboarding process: To maximize engagement, ensure your onboarding process sets new hires up for success and fosters excitement about working with your company. Implement buddy systems, make onboarding more engaging, and outline potential growth paths for new employees.

Instill a sense of purpose: Boost employee engagement by providing a clear purpose. Improve transparency, set individual and team goals, and emphasize your company's core values to create a shared purpose throughout your team.

Encourage learning and development: Offer professional development courses, training, and opportunities for employees to take on new responsibilities to promote growth and development. This will help you attract more talent and motivate your staff.

Prioritize team-building: Organize social events, sports, and team-building activities to strengthen team connections and improve employee engagement. Make time for team-building activities, even in smaller groups, to maintain a strong sense of community.

Promote wellness: Focus on physical and mental wellness by implementing wellness challenges, team sports events, and providing mental health support. Offer flexible health plans and additional training for managers to help employees cope with stress and mental health issues.

Recognize and reward employees: Implement recognition programs to improve morale and foster collaboration among staff. Use recognition strategically to encourage development and growth, enhancing productivity, retention, and job satisfaction.

Learn more about these points and more in the entire article

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Comments (1):

This article provides some excellent suggestions on how to keep your valuable team members engaged and thriving. With the ever increasing challenges associated with attracting and retaining great associates, this should be reviewed and many aspects immediately implemented.

By Phillip N Bosen on Mar 28th, 2023 at 3:52pm

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