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Five Rituals Of Top-Performing Salespeople October 14, 2015 (0 comments)


Burlington, ON—You’ve heard the expression “he can sell ice to an Eskimo.”

Why do some salespeople seem to have the magic touch, while others just plod along?

Sales trainer and author Kelley Robertson of Fearless Selling has found it’s not all just luck and talent; it also takes work. With a background in retail and hospitality sales, he identifies five rituals that top selling salespeople have in common:

  1. They research. In a B2B setting, this means researching the client company fully; in a retail setting it means getting to know your customer’s tastes and needs.
  2. They plan. They invest time in crafting their opening statement, anticipate potential objectives, and think ahead to next steps.
  3. They rehearse. They practice their presentation, overcoming objections, and asking for the sale.
  4. They warm up. Just like a musician or athlete needs to warm up, so does a salesperson. They do this by again rehearsing.
  5. They study—other good salespeople, their competition, their own past performances, trade literature, and so forth—all with an eye to keep improving.

Read Robertson’s entire blog here.

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