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Five Ways To Have Better Meetings |  September 30, 2015 (0 comments)


Carlsbad, CA—Want to lead better meetings in a timely fashion with clear outcomes?  Here’s what to do:

1. Have a written agenda. An agenda gives you a structure to work from and to keep discussion (and people) from getting side-tracked.  An agenda doesn’t guarantee a smooth-running meeting, but it helps you keep better control of it.

2. Start on time. You can’t start on time if you’re late to your own meeting, so be prompt.  Begin on time, even if some people are late.  They’ll get the picture, and aren’t likely to be late again.  If they are, well, you know what to do.

3. Begin on a light note. Keep things human and personable.  You don’t have to run your meeting with the rigors of a drill sergeant.  Once the ice is broken and people are comfortable, you can get into the meat of your agenda.

4. Don’t tolerate a dominator.  Every meeting seems to have one.  It’s the person who has to hear himself talk.  Maintain control of the meeting by taking control of anyone who tries to ambush your meeting, or you, or anyone else in the group.  If you’re a dominator, stop it.  No one wants to hear you either.

5. Don't let your meeting turn into a gripe session. If there's a particular issue that must be addressed, stay focused on that particular issue but don't dissolve into a free-for-all. Ask the chief complainers to suggest specific solutions, and try to implement those that are practical. But be honest with the team if an unpopular policy is not going to change.

6. End on time.  If you said it was a one-hour meeting, budget your time accordingly and end when you said you would.  People are busy.  They appreciate promptness and loathe long, boring meetings.

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Bill Boyajian of Bill Boyajian and Associates, Inc. is the author of Developing the Mind of A Leader, and consults for top firms in the gem and jewelry industry. Read his blog here or contact him at (310) 691-9562, email:, or log onto

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