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Five Ways To Sell The Jewelry Client (And The Guy Who Is Clueless) |  December 07, 2016 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—It was great to log onto Facebook yesterday and find a Facebook Live video event happening right then. Turns out, it was Terry Sisco of Tampa, FL-based Ex-SELL-erate, offering one of his new five minute sales training videos. I saw “Ways to Sell the Jewelry Client,” one many to come. Another favorite is "5 Ways To Help The Guy Who Has No Clue."

Sisco has brought a fresh mindset to his new training. He wanted to reimagine and revolutionize way sales training is done. “It’s about leading them to mobile. That’s where the world is going. As always, our focus in on training. However, it’s not just sales training to handle a sale – that worked in 1998. In today’s economy, we are creating entrepreneurs who can create sales,” he says.

Sisco is using Facebook as his main delivery method, through his ExsellRev page. The five-minute videos are posted on his ExsellRev page and are public posts for anyone to view. Clients that work with Sisco have additional access to his website and a private Facebook group. But even those who aren’t his clients can benefit: Sisco sends out the day’s training via email.

Sisco has three rotating pillars: Mastering Authentic Relationships, Build Your Customer Community, and Activating Your Selling SuperPowers. He rotates the concepts so that the sales associates are continually exposed to each of them. The goal, of course, is to build greater sales but also strengthens the sales associate-customer relationship.

All the pillars help salespeople better connect with their customers. For the ‘Build Your Customer Community,’ Sisco uses a 5-4-3-2-1 system. “Five emails and four calls daily, three social posts, two appointments and one referral per week. If they do this regularly, they will see a 10% increase in their sales,” he says.

Currently, Sisco has a free giveaway on his website: sales associates can visit his website to receive five free emails they can customize and send to increase bridal sales. Monthly training price is $29. Sisco also is planning his company’s first ExsellCon, to be held in March in Tampa, FL. His guest facilitator is Mike Han of Hawaii’s Wedding Ring Shop and marketer Bruce Freshley of Freshley Media. 

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