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Sales Strategy

Focus that Funnel! The Necessity of SEO and Content Marketing for Jewelry Retailers |  July 03, 2019 (1 comment)


Merrick, NY--When people go looking for products and services they need, they enter a frame of mind that marketers call the “marketing funnel”. The marketing funnel is a description of the self-sorting that potential customers go through during their search of the market.

As people begin their search, the first step is they acknowledge that they have needs, issues, or thoughts on a subject that all require resolution. All of these needs and issues are the first step for a marketer to position their services or goods to meet the needs of the customer entering the “funnel.” People then begin the transformation into customers as they start their research on what can be used to satisfy their needs. “Research” is a broad category that includes formal comparison of statistics and market information, but also encompasses more informal methods: browsing, cross-shopping on different websites, asking trusted individuals about their experiences, and sending inquiries to a retailer. Click here to continue reading on

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