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Goal Setting I: What’s Missing From Your Goals? January 22, 2015 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—If you’re successful in business, you’ve probably set some goals for yourself this year. And if you haven’t set your own goals, chances are your boss set some for you.

But merely having a goal (or having a method to measure it) doesn’t mean you’re going to reach it, writes Keenan, A Sales Guy, in his latest blog. What drives you to achieve the goal is not knowing what you want to achieve, but rather knowing why you want to achieve it. And, he writes, it’s not just the first “why,” but the second and third-level “why” that matter.

Say you want to lose 45 pounds. Why? For your health or your appearance? If, for example, it’s to get more dates or show someone up at your class reunion, why do you want more dates or want to show that person up?

Do you want to achieve a 50% increase in sales? Why? So you can be the top producer in your company? If so, why do you want to be the top producer? Is it to get a promotion or otherwise earn the monetary reward that will provide a better education for your kids? Or is it to prove that you can be the top producer?

These are the second- and third-level whys to explore to truly understand and find the motivation that will help you succeed in achieving your chosen goals.

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