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Holiday Sales, They Are A-Changin’ November 09, 2016 (0 comments)


Washington, DC--A new report from software maker Adobe has been broken down in this Washington Post article, “3 Important Ways Online Shopping Will Be Different This Season.”

1 The reasons people are opting for online shopping are changing. In the past, online shopping has been about price and who has the lowest. That was helpful to jewelers since generally your customers are not generally only searching for the lowest price. This year, the study shows it’s about convenience and selection.

2. Procrastinators will play a key role in driving online sales growth. This one isn’t a new issue – there have always been procrastinators. This year’s difference is that shipping and the buying cycles get merchandise out their door and to yours faster than ever.  Also stores are offering “buy online, pick up in-store,” which you can too. If you don’t offer e-commerce online, consider doubling up on your email newsletter to customers and featuring products they can email and reserve to come pick up in person.

3. Mobile traffic to shopping sites will overtake desktop traffic. Yes, it’s all about the phones (devices). Although people who order on a desktop tend to spend more money, those phones are driving traffic. Now’s a great time to ensure your website looks good on a smart phone. If not, get it gear and get it fixed!

This year’s season may be different with online sales, but you can prepare for it. Don’t waste a minute, ensure that you have all your bases covered before Thanksgiving!

Read the full article here.

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